Whitetrash’s Top 5 – Week 9 AKKAQUILL

Heyo ! This week we have a true OG of Skateboard-city sharing his top 5. There are not many members still present with us that can date back to the 2003 join date and I think everyone that knows Akka, knows how cool he is and his top 5 confirms it. I hope you guys enjoy and leave some love or comments. Thanks for sharing some of your life with us dude !

MEMBER – AKKAQUILL – TOP 5 http://www.skateboard-city.com/messageboard/member.php?u=171

5. Battlestation

This desk is my hub of creativity. I really wish it was bigger. This is where I do all of the graphic design for my screenprinting company, clients, and band. I also record some of my musical projects and occasionally do some gaming.
My latest venture is a “let’s play” style video project where my 3 roommates and I play old Nintendo games and record commentary over it. If you’ve ever seen Game Grumps it’s very similar to that. Hopefully we’ll be uploading some of that on youtube soon.

4. Dungeons & Dragons

There is no better way to get my friends together than D&D. Exploring massive fantasy worlds, slaying mythical beasts, and creating the stories of heroic adventurers and warriors is one of our favorite past times. I know for some people there is a stigma associated with D&D and being a nerd in general but if you dig games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, Witcher, etc you’re already one of us. Know your roots dawg!

3. Screenprinting

This is a photo of my home shop in my living room but I also print full time in a much larger shop. Printing is my main source of income and it’s sick having a hobby for a career. I also work with a lot of homies in the big shop.

2. Falter

I do vocals in a hardcore band called Falter. This band has been my main musical focus for 3 years now. Playing music is my emotional outlet and touring satiates my wanderlust. If you’re curious what we sound like all of our music is up for download for free here. If you want to see us on tour the easiest way to keep up with us is here.

1. Best friend, yo!

This is my best friend! We’ve been kicking it hard since 2003. We hang out nearly all day every day. We’re roommates, coworkers, and bandmates. We’re basically inseparable and it’s fucking awesome. Neither of us have plans to settle down any time soon so I foresee us being this tight for at least another 10 years, if not for life.

Thanks for reading everyone and thanks for having me WhiteTrash!