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Spitfire Formula Four 101a 51mm Classics
By Vivica at 2015-02-09 12:51

Click to EnlargeWhile the Formula Four wheels from Spitfire have been out some considerable time now they are still the most recently developed wheels from Deluxe Distribution. In recent months we have seen plenty special editions and pro models released to continue the sales momentum, everything from coloured versions to pro models for both Thrashers 2013 Skaters of the Year (Ishod Wair), as well as the boss, Andrew Reynolds - which bears a Spitfire flaming skull in a beanie hat. Very recently they have also released a Lance Mountain model.

An all new formula first released back in 2013, the new formula is claimed to provide the hardest wearing wheels Spitfire have ever made - and as with so many wheels, claim to be flat spot resistant. Sadly these days almost all wheels are sold with claims of being flat spot resistant, so anybody with any experience of buying wheels will know that such claims should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

Shorty's Silverado's - Why i love 'em!
By Vivica at 2014-12-29 08:02

Click to EnlargeAs well as the Real popslickle deck and Bones bearings mentioned in my previous posts, the guys over at SkateAmerica.com have hooked us up with some Shorty's Silverados... Now i know what you're probably thinking, what can be said about hardware that you don't already know? We are only talking about nuts and bolts after all... Aren't they all the same?

In function, certainly... All hardware is pretty much the same. But I think it is worth us all paying homage to Shorty's Silverado hardware, in fact no, to Shorty's as a whole, not just their hardware.
This small company, small at least by today's corporate skateboarding standards, has been a mainstay in skateboarding since it was started (by the ever illusive Tony Buvalos) in the early 90's, going largely unappreciated in comparison to a lot of the big names, most notably in comparison to Powell and Bones, with whom Shorty's has something of an ongoing feud due to historical bad blood with George Powell. This is documented quite well on both Shorty's website, and on their Facebook/Instagram pages. While Nike, Hypebeast, and Supreme have infiltrated the scene Shorty's hasn't tried to fight back... They've just kept doing what they do, and have been doing it better than anyone!

Creature Al Partanen Spirit Animal P2 Deck
By Vivica at 2014-10-14 01:22

Click to EnlargeOur friends at SkateAmerica.com have been kind enough to send us over a P2 deck from Creature Skateboards so that we can tell you guys all about P2 so you can work out if it's the sort of thing you might want to buy.

"Spring Loaded Pop" is the term shouted from the rooftops by the promotions team at NHS Fun Factory when talking about the P2 (Pro-2) technology... Much to the excitement of kids everywhere who think buying a new deck will make them the next Danny Wainwright - look him up kids, UK skateboarding at its best and a piece of history that all skateboarders should be aware of (or alternatively just click here).

But what is P2 all about? The name certainly doesn't give much away! Essentially, P2 decks are designed to be lighter, stronger, and poppier (is that a word?!) than a conventional 7 ply board, they do this by replacing a large section of the top ply with a Kevlar veneer, surrounded by a protective wooden buffer. Kevlar offers a number of advantages over even the best woods used in the production of skateboard decks. It's worth mentioning that NHS don't own the P2 tech and aren't the only distribution company using P2, so if you have a favourite company it's worth checking if they do any P2 decks.

Andale Swiss - What i think...
By Vivica at 2014-08-25 12:47

Click to EnlargeHere at Skateboard-City HQ we've been lucky to have a pack of bearings sent through to us from our friends over in California, SkateAmerica.com.

Your board's going nowhere without a good set of bearings, and when looking at any hardware you're thinking of buying for your skateboard it's important to look at who's behind them - who has designed the product and should you trust them? Do they really know what they're talking about? In the case of Andale Bearings, it's safe to say all your rolling needs are in safe hands, with multiple Manny Mania winner and Cliché pro Joey Brezinski, and multiple Street League winning Paul "P-Rod" Rodriguez as the co-founders of the company.

What we're looking at here are the Andale Swiss, the most expensive of the bearings Andale have to offer from their range of ABEC 5, ABEC 7, and Swiss bearings. We have touched on the ABEC rating system for bearings in our Bones Reds article, and mentioned how it has fairly little relevance to skateboard bearings, but what about Swiss bearings? What is a Swiss bearing? Are they better than any other bearing...?

Review: Real's "Wrecking Crew" Berserker, the new Thunder 149s, and Spitfire Formula Four Wheels
By grimcity at 2014-08-18 20:28

It's been a minute, but here's my latest video review on some offerings from Deluxe, as well as some comparison and contrast thrown in. Some skating, and lots of talking.

Real Skateboards Popslickle Deck - A Quick Look
By Vivica at 2014-05-20 12:15

Click to EnlargeHey Guys, we’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a Real Popslickle deck to take a look at thanks to our friends over at SkateAmerica.com. This deck is no longer new technology from Real, having been around a few years now, but I see very few of these decks around, which is puzzling as it's made using their super popular R1 board shape. Not only is this not a new series of decks from Real, the idea of a slick deck isn't a new concept to skateboarding at all and it unfortunately has something of a chequered past... Which may explain the rarity of these decks at your local spots and parks.

To see the concept in its infancy, we need to go back to when pool skating was in its golden age, skaters used to have "rails" on their boards, thin plastic strips screwed to the underside of the board. Some real OG's at your park, or hipster kids rocking the retro shaped boards (dtj16, I’m looking at you!) might still rock them on their decks, and they've certainly come back into fashion with companies like Welcome and Elephant putting out weird and wonderful deck shapes from yesteryear. The use of plastic rails (or bones) meant a much smaller contact area against the coping when performing slides, and on a material with much less friction than a comparatively soft wooden deck. The result, massive boardslides for days! Many pro skaters still use rails to this day, with names like Pig Rails and Powell Peralta Rib Bones still being the household names of choice for riders such as Steve Caballero and Jeff Grosso.


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