Whitetrash’s Top 5 return – Week 10 BakerForLife

Hey dudes, welcome back to the top 5’s….these had to be put on hold for a few months because I was out L-I-V-I-N but I’m back and I’m stoked I get to bring these top 5’s by such a legit one with BakerForLife. This one is worth scoping out because it’s rad and like before if any of you guys have interest in doing one just hit me with a pm and we can get one going. Fpr now check out the return of top 5’s with OG member BFL and leave some love dudes ! <3 MEMBER - [B]BAKERFORLIFE[/B] - TOP 5 [url]http://www.skateboard-city.com/messageboard/member.php?u=33510[/url] [B]1)[/B] [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/34dpll3.jpg[/IMG] Seeing as how this is a skateboarding website, ill start off with my skateboard. skateboarding is my #1 love in life. it's gotten me through plenty of rough times throughout the dreaded adolescent years, as well as post high school. maybe a little melodramatic, but i think i can confidently say it saved my life. i really don't know who i'd be or what id be doing without this piece of wood. probably really fat or a gamer or something. i don't even want to brainstorm that thought anymore than i already have. also, coincidentally living up to my name, I'm riding a baker right now haha. Its really hard to put into words how i feel about skateboarding. it's just what i want to be doing all the time. i honestly used to be really popular in 6th grade, but once middle school came i resorted to skateboarding a lot more, and basically stopped being social cold turkey. all i did was talk about, think about, and care about skateboarding by 8th grade. i guess you can say i lost a lot of friends because of skateboarding, but do i regret it? hell no. not for a second. skateboarding has taught me a lot of about myself in ways i never thought possible. i'll be riding this piece of wood until i physically can't anymore. [B]2)[/B] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/29o6g44.jpg[/IMG] With that said about how much skateboarding was a big part of my life while growing up, so was running. i love remembering how serious i took the mile in gym class ever since elementary school. i still enjoy running, but with how easy it is to get injured (shin splints for me usually) if I'm going to get hurt id want it to be while skateboarding. its a compromise but i still go for a 3-4 mile run every blue moon or so. as you can see i went to the junior olympics in 8th grade and it was pretty cool. i got to the second round which surprised me. in high school, during cross country season we had a 'runner of the week' prize where'd you'd be talked about for a couple minutes infront of the team and get a shirt, and i got one in the summer of my sophomore year. i was so stoked. unfortunately i can't find the shirt, but i know its around here somewhere. I've had a lot of good times while running. whether beating my personal best (PR's) or just making goals to beat other teammates due to friendly rivalries. i still remember beating this one teammate who rode on my bus who i just did not like at all who was a little better than me and after crossing the finish line the look on his face made all the hard work up to that moment pay off. Honestly i wouldn't really say I'm fast, i only ran a 4:57 mile in track, but i have a lot of endurance/stamina. my best 5k in cross country (hills, grass, all terrain basically) was 17:52 by senior year which although isn't that great i had always wanted to be sub-18 and on my last ever cross country race i did it. another awesome moment while running. [B]3)[/B] [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/1072rsm.jpg[/IMG] Ever since i was maybe 6-7 I've been in scouts. from tiger, to boy scouts, I've done it all. boy scouts was a huge part of my life from 11-14. i got eagle scout at 13 which if you don't know is very unusual. i just loved doing all the badges and eventually got eagle quicker than i thought. I've had a shit ton of good times in boy scouts, mostly from summer camps where we had the blob and shit. also just going on weekend camping trips during the school year was so fun. it sure beat the hell out of playing soccer or sports like i did was i was younger. there were some gnarly ass times too, though. I've seen some bad accidents at camps whether from hiking or just hanging around the camp area. I've had some big cuts too, but that made it all the more fun and just dangerous which i always liked. One of the badges was sports which was required for eagle where you had to join a team and some other shit. mr kamm who was that badge leader got me to join a track team in 7th grade. not by order, but i didn't want to play baseball or soccer anymore, so i chose track since it was something i was good at and wouldn't hate. he passed away my sophomore year and it wasn't until then that i realized if it weren't for him my running "career" might have never happened. his funeral was very emotional for me, and literally every picture on the slideshow he was smiling. he was very caring, and knowledgable. he was very old to begin with, and the whole troop suffered a huge lost, not just me. rip. mr kamm <3 [B]4)[/B] [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/2zokpl2.jpg[/IMG] This is the box me and my dad built one summer day in 2008. its very sentimental to me due to me and my dad don't really see eye to eye on much. his passion is hunting, football, typical american shit i guess. i used to shoot skeet and hunt with him from age 7-12 but i honestly never enjoyed it too much. i kind of felt like i let him down when i stopped going to the rod and gun club to shoot skeet with him but he knew i didn't really enjoy it as much as skateboarding and didn't want to force it on me. something ill always respect him for. Now that I'm older our relationship is a lot better, and i can talk to him as an adult instead of his kid, and shit. these past couple years I've learned a lot more about him because I've stopped being so wrapped up in my own interests and know he won't be here forever. i don't think ill ever get rid of this box because of what it symbolizes to me. i think he knows that because its not in the greatest shape (the angle iron kinda sucks now and one of the supporting beams broke) but i still skate it from time to time and love it more than any other box thats in better condition. [B]5)[/B] [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/wbtn4p.jpg[/IMG] At the risk of sounding redundant, my 5th top 5 revolves around boy scouts. this photo is from the philmont trip me and some of the other scouts in my troop took in summer 2007. the funny thing is after getting eagle at 13 i pretty much stopped going to the troop meetings, camping trips, etc because there wasn't anything left i had to check off in my book (and of course, skateboarding..) so i didn't want to go, but the troop needed another scout at least 15 (i had turned 15 that year) and my mom was almost forcing me. I'm really fucking glad she did. it was the best two weeks of my life. i used to have dreams about it for the first month after i came home. i didn't want to leave. we saw some crazy wildlife amongst the plethora of breath taking sights. After i decided to do this top 5ive i took the philmont photo album out and it brought back so many memories. it was very hard for me to choose just one of the photos, but i just had to go with this one. in the caged area is 1 of 2 (known) dinosaur footprints in north america. and i got to see it. talk about checking that off your bucket list, haha. I've always been intrigued by dinosaurs ever since i was little, i used to re-watch the land before time series over and over again when i was little. we weren't told this was here before going on the plane and arriving in new mexico so this stoked me the fuck out. I'm in the white being photogenic as ever of course, haha. Well there ya go sb-c, my top 5ive. hope ya guys enjoyed it and learned a little more about me that was hopefully interesting. peace.