Nollie Nose Slide

You have to be good with your Nollie and Nose Slide before you try this.

Approach your target on a slight angle, about 45 degrees, then Nollie. The most common error on this trick is doing your Nollie too late. The Nollie part Depends on the speed your going and the height of your target. If your going on a curb and your going normally slow then you should pop anywhere around 1/2 a foot. Your target should be fairly waxed. Do a nose slide to check if you can slide. What will happen a lot when you are learning this trick you will land but you will stop on the target, you won't slide. This is not the wax. After you do this a couple times you expect to do it. Then you land and you slip out really really hard. I slipped out 5 times really hard before I learned this trick. Just practice. This trick took me about one hour to learn but if your really good it should take less. Just try to pop really hard and crouch down low when you slide. That way if you slip out your don't fall like a tree. You fall more like a queer shaped rock.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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