Nollie BS 360 Shuvits

Nollie BS 360 shuvits, or Nollie Trey Shuvits

Riding in nollie stance, the board spins 360 degrees counterclockwise (spinning in front of your body, that's bs. Fs would be spinning behind you.) for regulars, clockwise for goofys.

There's two ways to do this trick: the cheap way, and the sylish way.

Cheap Way: Hang your front foot's toes over the nose and wrap them around the edge of the board for some feel. Back foot should be in the middle of the board.

Scoop back hard with your front foot, slide your back foot out without flicking. The board will spin a quick, level 360 shuvit, without much pop. Just watch for the bolts and bend your knees. Then brag or something if you give the dude behind you a letter in skate.

Stylish Way: Ok, front foot in the middle of the nose, back foot in the middle of the board. Just pop and scoop a little with the front foot, and use the ball of your back foot to spin a nice floater of a 360 shuvit, by kicking out level. Be careful not to put any flick on that, or you'll land upside down, or maybe an accidental Nollie Treyflip. The board will spin around slower, but more stylishly. Once again, look for bolts, catch it, bend, and roll away. This is the way you want to do this trick for style points, and if you're going over something, off something, or down something.

Try learing Nollie 360 Shuvits with the first method, then perfect them with the second method. Go skate.