The darkslide is a somewhat unpredictable trick which requires a lot of skill to master. It is fairly simple to get into the slide. However, dismounting is the challenge. One only needs to master kickflips and boardslides to learn to darkslide.

To darkslide, approach the rail at a slight angle and flip into the slide as though you're kickflip boardsliding. The key to the trick may lie in where you catch the board. Rodney Mullen catches his board on both the nose and tail, I catch mine on the nose and middle, and Geoff Rowley heelflips into the grind, catching the board on the tail and middle of the board. Once caught, slide to the end and dismount. The dismount should be something like a pressure heelflip or nollie pressure heelflip out. It is mostly a manipulation of the board by the front foot. This trick is pretty simple – however it will destroy your griptape.

By: Paul Hakel

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