Backside Pop-Shove-it Body Varial

I don't know if the pros use this trick but the skater's that live around me and so do I. Set up like a pop-shove. Now spin the board and when your in the air do a Body Varial the other way the boarding is spinning. This trick isn't that hard just remember to jump up high. When your going to catch the board bend your knees and try to land. This is probably the first trick that you learn to lose your board and land switch. Practice this and remember to bend your knees and don't be afraid to catch the board. Your board is you best friend. Landing this trick is very difficult. Practice just riding and doing a body varial to land switch. That usually helps out. Jump forward and remember to always have to board under your feet. Bend your knees and try to land on the bolts of your trucks. This helps you save money by not braking your board and it also helps because your landing is cleaner and more solid. Remember to practice I can't say anything else because I will just repeat myself. I covered everything to help perfect it in the getting the landing.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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