Why people hate skaters

It's been about 3 and a half years since I started skating and, by default, subjected myself to treatment as a subhuman part of society by many. Now, for all new skaters, the one question that comes to mind within their first year is "Why do they all hate us?" Maybe the question will be brought up by their first kickout, maybe getting picked on by jocks or beat up, maybe having the cops called, maybe getting new attitudes from neighbors or losing a few former friends. Well, so I can end all wondering, I will explain to you why skaters are always and will always be hated.

Let's start first with the media. Television, mostly MTV, shows skateboarders at the absolute worse. Destroying private property, hurting others, disrespecting authority,etc, etc. The main persecutor? The main person that would cause all the modern hate? Bam Margera. It's all too obvious that Bam Margera is a complete asshole, and most skaters realize this. Society, seeing Bam Margera as an actual skateboarder and his attitude, assume all actual skateboarders are like. Think of it as if you hear about Micheal Vick and assume all football players enjoy dogfights, or hearing about Mike Tyson and assume all boxers are abusive psychopaths.

But the problem stems deeper in the media, down into movies. The 90s brought in a wave of stoner college flicks, many of which contained skaters. In most of these movies skaters were shown as stoner slacker losers who's only worry in life is who will roll the next J. We can't do anything about that now, it's a futile effort to change our image. For every show that's made showing skateboarders as normal people (Rob and Big) we will have 3 that show as scumbags (Viva La Bam, Wild Boyz, Jackass).

But not everyone can be that influenced by the media, right? Right. So why do all these other people hate us? Well, as farfetched as it may sound, skateboarding does sometimes cause property damage. There's an extent where people don't want people scraping paing of their handrails and chipping/waxing their ledges. It's protective ownership, you should respect that. Problem is, most skateboarders won't. That's why property owners hate you, they'll ask you nicely to stop once and you come back the next day. You need to realize that the world isn't yours to skate, just like basketball players don't have the right to play basketball anywhere they want and baseball players don't have the right to play wherever they want. We're no different.

So we've covered the media, we've covered rails and ledges and damagable property, so what about banks? Or public property? Suffice to going into a long evaluation, some people are just pricks. Simple as that. Some people will always see skateboarders as stoner, slacker punks. It's the same as some people will always see musicians as slackers who refuse to get a real job and so on. No matter what you do, there will ALWAYS be someone hating on you. It's a fact of life you need to deal with.

So instead of sitting infront of your keyboard or in your friend's room, complaining about people hating skaters, go out and skate. Haters hate, skaters skate. We all do what we do, nothing will ever make us all live in harmony, so we might as well pretend we do and just ignore the under the breath insults and driveby screamings.