Twisted Flip

This is a weird trick. If you can Varial Flip and Pop-Shove-It + Body Varial this is not all that hard. Ok Set up like a varial flip. Now spin the Varial flip the way you usually do and in the air turn your body the other way to board is spinning. It takes a while to get all the spinning in but after you can do that you have to worry about something else… The landing. This is kind of tough because you can't see where the board is because it is behind and under your feet. If your spinning is good the landing should be to. Just hope the board finished spinning and try and land on it and remember to bend your knees. This trick should be done while moving slowly. Landing this trick is very difficult. Try your Pop-Shove-It + Body Varial if that is perfect then just hope for the best. Landing switch isn't that hard but remember to practice and don't be afraid of your board. You should trust your board that it won't nail you in the shin!

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

Click Here to View the Video – Jeff