Tail Tap Stall Mini pipe

Once you got your drop ins and rocks down try tail stalls, Drop in do a rock to fakie and come down fakie, when your reach the coping on the other side tap down your tail against the coping and do a mini drop in back in.. once you can just tap the tail try to stall do a rock to fakie again this time try to pump on your way down to gain more speed, when your are about to reach the other coping like your doing a tail tap, right before the coping throw your weight onto the coping, the more speed you have the easier this is, See it this way while going up push your tail onto the coping, now your board is locked in but your body still has momentum so you are pushed up onto the coping and you end up in a position much like the way you would stand to drop in. At first you will only sort of stall but after a while you will get your whole weight onto the coping. Now try this, when you are on the coping grab the nose with your back hand, this is a crail stall, really cool, grab the nose and kick out your front foot etc…

Good Luck!
By: substitutepimp2k