Switch Kickflips

Switch Kickflips

Regular Stance:

Goofy Stance:

Tricks To Know: Switch Ollies, they don’t have to be great, but it helps a lot. And kickflips, just to help yourself out since you’ve been through the problems of this trick, just in regular stance. Switch 180’s and pop shuvits are optional, the main thing is that you want to get comfortable skating switch.

Front Foot: I like to put mine a few inches behind the front bolts on a sharp angle, with about half my foot of the board. You’re obviously going to expierement. But if you’re really comfortable with skating switch then I would put it in a position where you feel the most comfortable taking them down, up, across (etc.) obstacles. Your regular kickflip position would be nice.

Back Foot: I like to put about three-quarters of my foot up the board on no angle. It seems like the more of your foot you have on the better. This doesn’t really matter to much though, just put it in a position you feel comfortable popping in. Even if you feel it is easier to execute the trick with a very small amount of your back foot on the board, you’ll probably regret it later.

Motion: Just start of by centering yourself on the (centering yourself is really important) and popping hard and jumping, if you know regular kickflip’s then this is just the same movement but switch, pop, drag your front foot up the board and flick out on the nose, not down. Wait for it to stop flipping aim for bolts and catch it, if you aren’t already on the ground.


Underflipping: This was a really big problem for me, pretty much just jump higher and flick harder. Moving your front foot farther back, more off the board, or on a sharper angle could also help.

Overflipping: Do the opposite of what I wrote for underflipping, mostly just put your foot on a duller angle, more on the board, or farther up on the board.

Landing behind the board/only front foot lands, back foot behind the tail: In the Motion section I said it was really important to stay centered over the board, and I wasn’t kidding. Make sure you’re center over the board. And don’t lean towards the nose, there’s a chance you’ll slip out.

Landing before the board does: You’re just not committing, don’t be affraid to land the trick and jump high.

Landing away from the board: Like I said earlier, stay centered over the board, if this does not work, it can be the way you’re flicking. Don’t kick the board out while you’re flicking.

Here is a video of one, copy and paste the link to watch the video, I’m not the one doing the trick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNXvzVG58OQ