switch heelflips

i dont know why, i was just in the mood to make an official trick tip. hope it helps you guys!



back foot: have the ball of your back foot just on the edge of the LEFT side of your tail

front foot: have your front foot in the middle of the board with your toes hanging off the RIGHT side of your board.



Step one: pop the tail and drag your front foot up and off the board.

Step two: watch the board flip, as soon as you see the griptape, slam your feet down to stop the board from overflipping.

Step three: stick the landing and roll away



Problem: the board doesnt flip the entire way.

How to Fix: your probobly not dragging and flipping. you need

to drag your front foot up and then kick when your front foot reaches the nose.

Problem: i slip out when i land

How to Fix: Switch stance is akward if you are not used to it. so it is really easy to land to forward or back when skating switch. so learn really get used to switch before you try this trick.

~written  by TheFletch13, posted upon his request~