Street Plant

First, u have to have to have built arms because it helps and when your starting out also it is helpful to do it on a bed or a trampoline if u have one. well here it is first u have to roll at a moderate speed than you take the back foot off your board and just like the boneless u have to start lifting your board up and when you reach about your knee level u have to put your left or right hand (your dominate one) you start power lifting your body up to the air and before u do that u have to lift up your needs to your chest and then from there you have to push your legs out and stay there as much and you can and try to put as much pressure on your arms as you can and extend your body before you come down and if u have to bail then this is the right time and make sure when you bail that you roll. Also the landing should be not difficult because when u reach your point of coming down you just lift you body up and bring your knees down as if your doing a backhand spring. It is not easy doing the street plant because it took me about 2 and a half years to get the basics down and it took me 3 years to perfect it.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E