Sex Change

A lot of people think that this is easier than a kickflip because you have to jump higher over the board so its easier to land after if spun fully. But I recommend that you learn how to kickflip first because if you Sex-change first its a lot harder to take away the 180 than it is to add it!!!

Place your feet as you would to do a kickflip. Now do a kickflip but try to get a bit higher off your board. In the air try to do a 180 now try to land both your feet over the truck bolts. Their are a couple of problems that could happen while trying to do this trick. You could not do a 180 in the air. This is the hardest part of it all. Don't try to 180 at the same time your just flicking your kickflip. Try to do it after your board is spinning! you could also not be able to land it switch so what you have to do is practice your body varial a lot more and eventually you will land it.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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