Rock and Roll

Start by rolling up the wall of the half pipe, or quarter pipe. As you get closer to the coping, lift your front wheels in order to get them over the coping. now rock on the bottom of your board. you want your front foot kind of extended, and your rear foot pretty far back on the tail. this is when you get ready to turn back in. twist your upper body, and raise the front wheels. now have the rear wheels back on the wall, and do a backside 180 pivot. complete the kick turn out, thus completing the Rock 'n' Roll. come out of the trick with your knees slightly bent.

Good Luck!
By: enternamehere34

Roll up the transition with enough speed to get your board over the coping. Roll into rock position, touching your board on the coping and wheels down (looks better with wheels down in my opinion). To dismount, lean back to touch your back wheels on the transition and kickturn back into the tranny. Roll clean.

Good Luck!
By: Paul Hakel

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