Putting together a Skateboard

So you just ordered your complete from the internet. It arrives, and you have no clue where all this goes. Well this guide will help you do it, and do it right.
Before we can even get started you need to make sure you have all the right parts to do it. So your going to need a deck, a pair of trucks,a set of four wheels,8 bearings,One sheet of grip,Hardware(8 bolts and nuts). Of course to put it together your going to need tools. Your going to need a file knife,Screwdriver, or if you have allen bolts an allen wrench, and of course a socket wrench to bolt those wheels on.

Step One-Gather all your tools and materials needed to put this together, and put them in an open and clean workspace.

Step two– Lay your deck flat on ground nose and tail pointed up, or the graphic side down. Now you want to take your sheet of grip and peel the back off, and lay it on the board, make sure it covers the whole deck(It does not matter if it's a little crooked, as long as its covered.Now you want to take a file and scrape yourself a line around the deck so cutting is easier. Now that you have your outline just cut as straight as you can around it.Now that you have the hard part done just poke out the 8 holes where your hardware goes, and were done with grip.

Step Three-Putting your trucks on. Put your four bolts, through those holes you made and then put your truck on it. Now listen to this, make sure the kingpin(Bolt that holds everything together) is facing inward or else things will go bad very quickly.Now just do the same for the other truck, and have the kingpins face eachother.

Step four-Inserting bearings into wheels can be tricky if you dont have a bearing press. But theres a process that can make it fairly easy.Ok so you need to sit your board on one side, so its resting on its axle. And remove the nut on the end of the axle. Place one bearing on the axle, and slide a wheel on. Now use pressure to pop the bearing into the wheel.Then remove that wheel slide another bearing on and do the same thing. If you have spacers put them in after the first bearings in.Repeat that process three more times.

Step Five-Test Drive-Now take it out to your driveway, garage or basement. First test, is the truck test. Lean on your toes and heels. If your wheels touch the deck your gonna need to tighten them with a wrench. After awhile youll develop a preference of either tight, loose or just normal truck tightness but that doesnt matter right away.Now for the wheel test, give it a push or two. If you feel like your kinda dragging you may have your axle nut too tight and it will need loosening to prevent friction from slowing you down.Now that those tests and adjustments are completed, take your board everywhere, the store, school(watch out there), vacation. It can be used virtually anywhere.