Primo Slide

When Primo Sliding like in the video you have to learn how to T/S Primo without moving first T/S-meaning toe-side.T/S is when the grip tape is facing in front of you and the wheels are facing behind you. Before you do them make sure your trucks are tightened so you can get a good popping of the Primo. OK, place your feet over the screws of your trucks and to get a warm up of a Primo lean forward on your two side wheels that are in front of you and kind of put the side wheels that are behind you up then put them back down after you feel comfortable enough to pop it on its side do the same thing you do in the warm up but jump not that high though. After you get those down without the warm up when I say down meaning you can land them 9 out of 10 times. Find a smooth surface, my first Primo Slide was on a drive way that sloped down. Get some wax and put it on the side of your board that you'll be sliding with and make sure its a lot and put it everywhere like on the bolts that hold your wheels on and on the side of your wheels you can put it on the place you'll be sliding on too but its not required though. OK, now ride at a pretty fast speed and pop it and slide it looks nice if you get out of Primo before its stopped sliding, OK thats it alright later.

Sicerally, Aaron Shirazi

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