Pop-Shove-it Backside Nose Slide

You have to be able to Pop-Shove Nose stall before you try this.

Come up to your target at a very large angle. I did about a 75 degree angle when I started. If your target is waxed then you will slide. Eventually you can work up to less of an angle. You have to Pop a lot sooner than a Shove to stall. You have to put less effort into swinging the board and more into getting it higher. You should go pretty fast, then pop down. When you see the nose coming move your front foot down and try to lock the board into place. You can slip out pretty easy so try to crouch down low. That way it hurts less. When you land bend your knees and hope to slide. If you don't stay on then try again until you can. If you stall it and get on ok then go on a less angle. Keep trying until you finally learn to slide. Then to come out I like to twist and come out switch, but you can shove, Nollie flip or any other ideas you can come up with. This trick should take about one hour to learn. It took me only half an hour but I learned these right after my Nollie Nose Slides.

Good Luck!