Pivot Fakie

This trick is a very interesting one. It's hard, and requires some practice, but looks great once you master it. Before you learn this trick, you should know how to do B/S pivots, and B/S 5-0s on a mini ramp. Come up to the ramp just as you would a pivot. Land in a pivot, but keep your upper body straight, don't turn it in line with the board. This will make it easier to come in fakie. Once you are done stalling, put your weight on your back toe, turn out of the stall, clear your wheels over the coping, and ride away. There are 2 very common problems with this trick. 1. I land in a rock fakie/hang up instead of going down the ramp backwards. This is just something that come in time. You just need to work on lifting up enough to clear your front whell over the coping, and keep your balance. 2.Oce I get in a pivot, I lose my balance and fall. For this, you just need to work on stay completely above your board. If you start swirving sideways, it won't give you the right balance to land the trick.