Ollie Higher

First of all you need to be able to Ollie a deck or 8+ Inches. If you can't then this might help you but not as much. Just remember to practice.

I was skating on my Ollie-o-meter and I made a new record. Through this, I found out 1 VERY good tip from this. One of the most important things is timing. A lot of people (I used to have trouble with this) can Ollie higher then they can Ollie on decks or hockey sticks. The thing is that your highest point of your Ollie isn't right over top of the target. It took me a while to figure this out. I spent 1 hour just practicing the speed to approach my Ollie. Right after I finished I Ollie higher than my old record on my FIRST TRY! A good thing to do is get a friend and do a normal Ollie over whatever you like. Ask him/her to tell you when your highest point of your Ollie is. If your highest point is before your target then go faster or Ollie later. If your highest is past your target this means that you should go slower or Ollie earlier. This is really important tip. If everyone could read they would all improve there Ollie skills!

Ok now first of all the pop- It should sound really clean and it should be as quick as possible. The quicker the better. Foot should be at the end of the tail the very tip of it. When you pop and start to drag your drag shouldn't make you go a lot higher but it should make you go 3 inches higher. IT depends on your pop if you board is vertical than it should be half the height of your board in the air. When you pop you board should come up, you shouldn't force it up. When you have to drag to get it higher that means your pop isn't good enough. The board should be forcing you to go upward it should be coming straight up. You should feel the board after you pop because it should be pushing upward on your feet. When you drag you should be leveling your board up. Tip- Have you ever seen a Ollie competition. Notice how much the people tuck up. It is almost like you sitting on the edge of your board you should be able to grab and Indy when your in the air. Most important, always start small and practice to Ollie higher. Start out by Olliing decks or bricks or onto curbs when you can do that try to stack up decks to make 2 decks or Ollie onto ledges about that height. The pop is where your Ollie comes from. It should be quick and you should be hearing a snap sound. Try Ollie off of stairs or ledges that you think you can do. If it seems way to hard and you can't then don't but if you have any doubt that you can then try it.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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