Nollie Inward Heelflip

Nollie Inward Heelflip Trick Tip

This trick is a combination of: nollie, nollie bs shove and nollie heelflip.

Foot Positioning

Front Foot: Make sure that either the ball of your foot or your toes are in the middle of the nose at about a 35° angle.

Back Foot: Under the back bolts at the same angle as your front foot, toes hanging off the board.

First you pop a nice crisp nollie to warm up, then you step it up with a nollie bs shove and finish it off with a nollie heelflip; great. Now are you ready to do a nollie inward heelflip?

After warming up put your feet in the correct position and get comfortable like that. Pop a nollie and do the motion with your front foot like you would if you were doing a nollie bs shove it. Then lift your front foot up, while at the same time kicking your back foot out almost directly to the side. If done correctly your heel should grip the tail of your board and cause it to flip on its way around during the nollie bs shove it. Remember to stay above the board at all times. Suck up your legs and let it fully rotate. Once you see the grip come right side up catch it with both feet! Slam it down and ride away clean.

Common MistakesThe board does not rotate a full 180°

This can be caused by not kicking out your back foot correctly or not giving your front foot enough pressure on the nose that would cause it to rotate when you pop the nollie.

The board does not flip

This is cause by not doing the proper flick movement with your back foot.

The board lands away from me / I don’t land on the board

This can be caused from kicking the board out and away from you when you try to flip the board with your back foot. It could also be that you do not stay over the board and lean too far forward or back.

There are several ways to do this trick!

These are basic guidelines. If you’re still having trouble with the trick after so many times of trying then mess around with what you are comfortable with such as foot positioning or a way of flicking the board. The most common ways I have seen people do this trick are pressure, popped and even vertical flip-like variations. I have come to find out that even the slightest degree of change in your back foot can determine how the board will flip. Now get out there and have fun with this trick!