Nollie Calf Wrap

Nollie Flamingo

        First off I will be explaining how to do a flamingo (Also called calf wrap).  The reason I do them nollie is because I feel that they are a lot easier in that stance.


To set up for a Nollie flamingo you want to have you feet set up almost like a nollie heelflip, the only difference is that when you set up you want to have your back foot(the foot that the toes are hanging off) with more of your toe hanging off, and your front foot with less of your heel on the board. 


When you perform the flamingo first off is the pop, pop the nose down hard with your front foot and immediately plant that foot on the ground.  Give the board time to pop up in the air and with your back foot you will want to scoop the board up before it hits the ground and bring it up in a figure four position.  The graphic side of the board should be against your front foot and the grip tape side of the board should be against your back foot. You will be standing there holding the board parallel to the ground and your back foot behind your front foot in a figure four type position. 


            There are many ways to get out of a flamingo.  The first and most common way is to simply drop the board and after a good amount of practice you will learn to have it drop so that it lands on its wheels, practice this part a lot.

The next way to get out is to flip out, to do this you should jump strait up and while your jumping hit the tip of the board with your foot spinning it into an underflip type thing, land on it and try and look cool.

The last way that I know of is to caveman out of it, that’s pretty simple just grab the board and jump on it.



        The board doesn’t go high enough on my calf, hits the back of my ankles and hurts. 

The reason behind this is because your not popping it down hard enough, simply pop down much harder to fix this.


I’m not catching the bard with my back foot.

 Reason: you’re not scooping well enough.  Learn where the board falls when you pop and scoop in that area under the board.