Nollie Backside Pop-shove-it

This trick is a more basic, not in the sense that beginners do it, because it is a nollie trick and nollies are more novice then begginer.

Setup exactly like a nollie, slide your popping foot, the foot on the nose a bit back so that it's just on the edge of the board. Go at a fair speed and pop or kick your foot forward to create the 180 rotation of the board and jump while doing that. Simpley land back on and ride away. This trick is easy to do without pop and a lot harder with. Of course, with pop this trick looks a lot better. This trick should come very easy, maybe 15 minutes to learn if you are at this stage. Just remember to jump and don't be afraid to land on your board. This trick looks great coming out of a nose manual!

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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