Kickflip Backside 50-50

This Trick is hard to do but its fun to learn. You have to be able to Kickflip about 3 inches higher than you target. You have to be able to B/S 50-50 Too.

Go at a speed you feel comfortable with. When you reach you target pop down and do a regular Kickflip. But when your popping pop your back for outwards. That way you should come overtop of your target. When you look down wait until the Kickflip is finished. When it is catch it and prepare to grind. Its hard to land on the grind at first but after some practice its easy. Then when you get good at that you have to learn to come out. The easiest way is to manual out but you can 180 or shove-it or any other Ideas you can come up with. I learned how to varial flip out and it's not that hard if you can Varial Flip well. You just \r\nneed a long grind because my box is only 1 and 1/2 meters long so as soon as I get on I have to Varial flip. That's hard to do.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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