Inward Heelflip

So, you wanna learn the inward heel do you?

Make sure you know what you are getting into before you learn it though! It's a very difficult trick but SO worth it when you get the hand of the mbecause they look so nice. I wouldn't recommend trying them unless you can:


2. B/S Shoveit

3. Casper Fip (helpful, but not needed)


FRONT FOOT: Your front foot is going to be placed in a very awkward position for this trick. It twill be at about a 60 degree angle on the toe side of your deck. If you are goofy this is the left side and if you are regular this is the right. You should have about half your foot hanging off the edge and this foot should be about halfway down the board.

BACK FOOT: With your back foot, you will have it turn about a 15 degree angle in the middle of the tail (your toes being in the very middle of the tail). Nothing to special, just a basic placement.


You are now ready for the flip:


FRONT FOOT: Your front foot which is, at the moment, half on half off the toe side of the board is going to slide off AND kick down at the same time at about a 45 degree angle. You need to slide off so it spins the heel flip and then you need to kickdown so it does the inward 180. This is a very tricky part so before you move onto the catching step, i would recommend practicing this part. Be sure after you do this to suck ur foot up as high as you can.

Keep in mind you MUST, absolute MUST kick and slide at the same time.


BACK FOOT: Just pop. pop your back foot hard and suck your leg up so it doesn't get in the way.

That was a pretty simple step wasn't it?

Haha, ok. So, heres where we are.

1. You go the foot placement.

2. You have just kicked and flipped the inward heel.

3. you have also popped with your back foot

The inward heel is now ready to be caught.


The catch is quite simple for this trick.

What you must do is catch it with your back foot. Once your back foot hits the board, you will put your front foot on the board and stomp down to stop it from flipping so it spins the inward heel and nothing more.

Be sure to stomp so it stops it from spinning and flipping any more!

So, now thgat you know how to do the trick, let's move onto trouble shooting!


Problem – The board hits my front leg.

Solution – Quickly suck your legs up as fast as possible after the front foot motion is done OR let the board go through your legs. It's a personal preferance.

Problem – It only spins half the heel flip

Solution – You must kick with all your might! This give it the flip AND spin.

Problem – I cna't get the full 180

Solution – For some people it helps if you use your back foot to kick the board around a bit, for some it doesn't. Give it a try.



Pressure Inward Heelflips The pressure inward heelflip relies solely on your back foot. To learn these, put your back foot on the tail toeside edge like a 360 flip only turned inward a little more. The front foot serves no purpose in the flip besides balance, it can be put in the middle or as I prefer in about kickflip position. The key to this trick is to scoop the board with your back foot. You need to scoop it forward so it flips back and kind of turn your heel to make it flip. This just requires you get a feel for it – watch the video and keep trying.

Good Luck!
By: Paul Hakel

[vid=inwardheels]- Paul Hakel[/vid]

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[vid=pressureinwardheels](pressure) – Paul Hakel[/vid]

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