Improving Your Style


First off let me speak, many of you guys that know me and have seen me skate in the past, are probably thinking: What does Ghost know about style? His style is garbage. Actually, that was a long time ago, about 4 months was the last time I posted footy with bad style up. My last video about a month ago my style had improved significantly. I took advice from a lot of you guys and stopped learning new tricks and worked on style. So my style is great now. Anyways on to the article.

So. you have garbage style like I had, your friends complain about it a lot, when you post footy on SB-C you get flamed for your style and you're now wondering how to improve it. Well I have a few tips for you.

First off, you want to make sure that you're comfortable with your board. Try out different boards, get a concave that is good for you, maybe you skate good with mellow concave, mabye you skate good with monster concave, whatever it is just make sure you're comfortable with it.

Also make sure you are comfortable with the tightness/loosness of your trucks. Tight or loose just make sure you're comfortable with them.

And now onto your actual skating ability. First off, when you're trying to have good style with a trick, make sure you actually have that trick on lock. You can' ever expect to have a trick with good style if you can only do it one in every ten times. You want to be able to catch that and land it almost very time .

Also on most of the tricks that you can pop high, you want to be able to catch those. You want to be able to stop down on those tricks high off the ground. You want to do this mainly because of control, if you can control your board. then you will have good style. Also popping a trick high looks so cool, with the board so high it just looks awesome. So learn to pop high, nobody wants to see a board roll on the ground. SO learn to pop high.

Along with board control you need to have good balance on your board. Balance is really important because you need to be able tostay on your board without any trouble at all. If you have to balance and your about to fall, learn to lean your body, lean forward or backwards depending on how your going to fall. Bend your knees a lot to absorb the shock if you need to. TRhis will help a lot.

And lastly what i feel is the most important is to never EVER tic tac after you land a trick. This depends on balance, if you had to like I said above, lean forward or backwards. Tic Tacs look like crap if you do them after you land a trick.

Watch a lot of pro videos to decide on what kind of style you want. Practice skating a lot, find a board that feels comfortable to you, get comfortable with riding in your new style, and soon you should be having good style.