How To Ollie Higher – Trick Tip Video

Before you learn how to ollie, you first must be confident with the basics of transportation.

Now with that said, the fundamentals of the ollie start with understanding the two steps to the ollie. The pop and the slide of the front foot forward.

1. A powerful pop into the center of the tail
2. A slide of the front foot forward into the nose pocket of the skateboard

After that, you must focus on 1. Foot Positioning, 2. Timing and 3. Power.

1. Your foot positioning and upper body positioning will make or break your ollie. Do not twist or turn your feet or shoulders. It is important that all of this is aligned.

2. Timing. The delay between your pop and slide is critical. It determines how large your ollie will be. Try to put as much delay between the two as possible.

3. Power and precision. Make sure your pop and slide are powerful. A weak pop will keep your ollies low. Pop hard and suck the ollie up into your knees.

When you land keep your feet under your shoulders. Aim to land on the bolts and with all four wheels at the same time.

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