How To Nollie – Trick Tip Video

How to Nollie

-The dynamics of the nollie are similar to the way someone does an ollie. The foot and body placement are the same but reversed- on the nose instead of the tail.

-Before you can nollie, you first want to feel comfortable with the Ollie. You should be able to consistently land ollies 4-6 inches high.

-There are two main steps to the nollie: the pop and the slide forward.

-The main problem with the ollie are: leaning too far forward and crooked nollies. Crooked nollies are fixed by having a pop in the center of the nose and a slide that goes straight into the tail with no angle.

-To overcome a nollie that doesn’t have much height, make sure you put more delay between the pop and the slide. The more delay, the higher the nollie will go.

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