How to Bigspin [Trick Tip]

Before you bigspin, you should first know:
-Frontside shuvits
-Backside shuvits
-180 ollies (helpful)

The bigspin takes a similar foot placement as a frontside shuvit, but you will adjust your back foot to hit the tail at more of an angle. This will help you get the leverage necessary in order to spin the board.

There are three stages to understanding this trick:
1. Proper foot placement and scoop
2. Wind up your body to help the rotation
3. Keep your shoulders over your feet and trucks

The upper body will do a 180. Some people like to wind their upper body up to help them spin around.

It will help you land more bigspins if you keep your shoulders over your feet. Keep you feet over your trucks. Aim your feet to your trucks on your last rotation.

Some beginners often find their board spinning uncontrollably. Usually their board spins away from them and outside their control. Keeping your shoulders aligned with your trucks and shoulders level will help correct this problem.

The bigspin is a fun trick. After you get bigspins down, you can try big flips, switch bigspins, nollie bigspins, and a whole lot more.

Tips to help you learn:
1. Try learning on Skatelite or a polished concrete floor. This will help you slide/pivot into the landing.
2. Pivoting the last 45 degrees on your nose can help you until you get more confidence and pop

You just learned the basics of how to bigspin. This article was written by Rob from Go Skate Skateboard School for Learn more about how to bigspin.