Frontside Smith Grind

Yo, this is the smith grind. Basically, it's like a feeble, sort of, but easier. What you do is go along at a pretty fast pace, and when you get to your ledge, Ollie up and instead of putting both trucks on like a 50-50, only put your back truck on. This will take a lot of practice but make sure you come into it quick, it will catch a lot! so come up and Ollie and when your over the obstacle just twist a bit and get it so your front wheels won't hit the ledge. Then, you push down with your back foot and get the back trucks onto the ledge and push down with your front foot to make it hang off. This trick is all in the weight placement. Ya got to have good balance. Cool eh?

Good Luck!
By: thefirmsk8er

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