Frontside Salad Grind

You have to know how to F/S 5-0 before you try this trick. Come up to your target on a 45-degree angle if not a little less then that. Ollie up and twist a 180. You should land on a crooked 5-0. That's what a Salad grind is. At first it is very hard to land on the Salad Grind because you can't finish the 180. With a little practice it will be easy. If you are still having trouble landing on it try to come parallel with your target. For some people that is easier. When you get pretty good at landing and grind then you have to learn how to come out. The easiest way is to twist a 180 and just slip out. But you can make your own ways like F/S Shove out or whatever you like.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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