Frontside Ollie Mini pipe

A front side Ollie is where you go up a transition (quarter pipe, mini ramp, ext.), pop a f/s 180, land back on the ramp and roll off. This trick looks super cool when you do it smooth. I always thought it looked pretty hard but if you just commit you'll get it. You have to be comfortable riding and kick turning the ramp you're going to try this on, and you have to know how to do flat ground 180's. I have two phases: starting them and going high.

Starting them: Ride up the ramp with your back foot on the middle of the tail (some people put there back foot differently. try whatever is comfortable) and you front foot right behind the bolts with your toe's hanging off. wind up. about halfway up the transition pop and turn. Your first few times trying this don't try to get above the coping, just leave the transition. come down and try to land with both feet. If you had enough balls to do this roll off. If you're like me, your front foot is the only thing on the board and your back foots on the transition. Keep trying to shift your weight and get enough balls to land and roll off.

Getting them high: Start doing these higher on the transition. Put you front foot farther back and get more on the balls of your back foot. Pop harder and slide your foot while your turning to get above the coping and beyond. Try to do some grabs in the air once your used to this. Goof around and be innovative. Now time to try it on vert.

Good Luck!
By: Jstreetsk8r