Frontside Nose Grind

You have to be able to 50-50 before you try this. This is probably one of the coolest grind I can do. OK come up to your target (the target should be really smooth) Ollie up (you should know how to do this if not go to 50-50) then when your in the air put your front foot on the nose of the board and your back wherever you feel comfortable. Keeping your balance while doing this trick is kind of hard because you leaning back and your feet are in front of you and its just harder than a 50-50. You should always approach your target with speed. If your doing this on a low ledge or whatever don't Ollie to high because then when you land you just freeze and bail. I am not sure how to get off to well but your best hope is to A: if the target ends at a drop off- when your getting close to coming of 50-50 and do a manual kind of thing and land (like manualing of a curb. B: if you target has no end or goes into a wall- try to 50-50 then Ollie down. If your having trouble landing on a nose grind then just plant your self beside your target and Ollie onto it and just do a nose grind stall.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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