Frontside Grind

1. ride up the transition with good velocity.
2. perform a frontside turn by shifting the weight to the back leg and pushing the heel into the board about an inch below the lip.
3. at the same time as #2, turn your upperbody towards the flat.
4. as soon as the back axle has moved beyond the lip, push the toes of the back foot onto the tail and raise the back wheels off the ramp.
5. during the grind, the board is turned on the axle by 180. after it is completed, the upper wheels go back on the ramp.
don't let the board turn too quickly or it will go out from under you and pay attention to the front foot because it *will* slip off.

1. To learn how to do this trick you need to ge very good at fronstside kickturns close to the cloping
2. To learn this go aa little faster than you usually do and PUSH your board up onto the coping and just do a regular kickturn, there is no special way to dism ount just try and keep most of your weight on the back wheel you first time.
3. Once you get your first itme down which probably wasn't a "grind" you just put more pressure on your toes and then your heels to get out to make a sweet grinding sound

Good Luck!

 [vid=minipip-fs-grind-lordata]- lordata[/vid]