Frontside 360

Before u try this tight trick, learn frontside 180, and master them.
For this trick, you'll need good amount of air and speed of spinning. So, for the air, you got to Ollie about 8-12 inches. For the spin, you have to wind up your shoulders, more than the front side 180 Ollie's.
1. Your front foot should be around in the middle of the board as an Ollie, and your back foot should be at the corner of the board. Actually, your toes have to be at the corner of the board.
2. Before you even pop, your shoulders have to spin before everything else, so spin them.
3. Pop the board, and while you Ollie, your front foot should be going front side.
4. Make your back foot push tail around so it'll help.
5. Right after you pop you should have finished the 180. If you didn't, try it again.
6. Now when you're done with 180, don't stop and let your front foot guide it all the way around. 7. When your finished, land and don't slip off. Absorb the pressure by crouching, and roll away. IMPORTANT!!! The important thing about this trick is to stay above your board at all times! Good Luck!
By: jxpsk8terpx

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