Frontside 180 Switch 5-0

You should know how to 180 to 50-50, 5-0 and Nose Grind before trying this trick.

Come up to your target at a comfortable speed. Do the exact same thing you would for a 180 to 50-50 but when your dragging and spinning drag your front foot right to the nose of your board and keep it there, don't put it over the truck like a normal ollie. When you land quickly try to find where to keep your weight (it is different for each target, depends on the smoothness, slope and possibly the height) so you don't slip out. It is important to do this before your do this trick really fast because if the target is slicker then you think then you can slip out and get injured. Once you land on a switch 5-0 and get your balance then you have to grind. Grind right across the whole target until the end and then just put some weight on your front and ride away clean.

This trick is usually a little easier if you leave about a foot gap between your board and the target because when most people spin a F/S 180 there body shifts over to the side.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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