Frontside 180 Powerslide

This trick has no real purpose but if your riding switch you can do this to get back to regular.

Most people think all this is pressing your weight on the nose and spinning a 180. WRONG! This is a lot harder than that. This is much like the power slide – stop except instead of stopping after a 90 you continue to turn until you finish a 180. Ride at a fast speed then put your feet overtop of the bolts both front and back feet. Put your weight on the front foot but make sure that your back wheels don't come off of the ground. Then straighten out your back foot until you do a 90 then bend you back foot a little and kick it to the side so you finish the 180. Then continue going. You lose a little speed and at first you might fall a couple times but keep trying.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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