Frontside 180 Kickflip


This trick takes alot of practice. You might have seen people like andrew reynolds and lindsey robertson throwing them down huge stairs sets and what not and wondered how the heck do they do that trick even on flatground? Well, it's tough, but easy when you get the hang of it!

The foot positioning:

FRONT FOOT – Surprisingly enough your front foot will be set up VERY similar to an ollie. Your foot should be at about a 30 degree angle at about the middle of the board. You must be careful that your foot is not to close to either edge of the board because you wont be able to flip the board properly. Trust me on this one, the positioning of your front foot is most definitly one of the most important parts of the trick.

BACK FOOT – Your back foot is also very crucial to this trick. Likewise with the lazer flip and varial heel as a couple examples, your back foot will be on the tail but it will be on the edge of the tail. If you are goofy it will be on the right edge of the tail and if you are regular it will be on the left edge of the tail. This will make it so you can get the 180 with the flip.


Ok, so now that the foot positioning is done, here is how to do the flip of the frontside flip.


FRONT FOOT – You are going to need to slide your front foot diagonally off the edge of the board to flip the kickflip but this is not a normal flip. You need to put ALOT of force into the flip to help the board do the front side 180 which we will get to in a second. Remember to put alot of force into it or the trick will not work.


BACK FOOT: your back foot plays a key role in this trick. With your back foot you will need to pop, but also you will need to SCOOP the board around with all your might so it does the front side 180.

Now, the scoop around is not easy and it will be tricky at first but you will get used to it.

At this point, i will sum up the steps of what we have done so far:

Foot positioning

Slide your front foot off diagonally with lots of force

Pop with your backfoot and scoop around to get the front side 180.

Now that you can flip a frontside flip, we have left the catch.


The front side flip has a unique catch. In most cases, it is caught when you are at 90 degrees in the air and then it spins the rest after it is caught. By this i mean, the board does the kickflip and then it spins the 90 degrees, you then catch it, and bring it around the rest of the way. You will be using both of your feet at the same time to catch this trick because trust me, you don't want to make the mistake of catching this trick with 1 foot and doing the splits! After the trick is brought around the whole way, STOMP IT TO THE GROUND TO STOP IT FROM FLIPPING.

Voila. You have landed a frontside flip. I will go over the steps once more.

1. Get the foot positioning right.

2. Pop and scoop with back foot and slide front foot diagonally off with force.

3.Catch the f/s flip at 90 and bring it the rest of the way.

4. Stomp it down.



Problem – I can't get the full 180.

Soluition – The only thing i can say is use lots of force with ur front foot and at teh same time, scoop as hard as you can with your back foot.

PROBLEM – The board hits my leg.

Solution – Be sure to catch the board at 90 so that you can bring it around with your legs already on it instead of HAvingit do the full 180 and hitting your legs!

Problem – I get credit carded (when the board vertically hits your sack)




Okay, before learning this trick you must be comfortable with kickflips and frontside 180's. The frontside 180 kickflip (frontside flip) is a very frustrating trick that takes time and dedication to learn. After you have decided that you are prpared to dedicate time and effort to learn this trick, you are ready to begin.

The first step is foot positioning, this is by far the most important step in learning the frontside flip so read closely. The very first step in foot positioning is the front foot, this foot can either be placed in your comfortable kickflip position or a position that allows you to get a quick or powerful flip. Now for the most important part of learning frontside flips, the back foot positioning. This foot should be placed in the bottom right (regualr) or bottom left (goofy) with only the ball of your foot on the board. this position allows your board to rotate the full frontside 180 degrees. This foot positioning allows your board and your body to land a frontside 180 kickflip, so make sure you learn a position that is comfortable and effective for you.

The next step is flipping the board. To perform a the actual flip of the frontside flip you must have your correct foot position mastered. Now you are ready to learn the flip. The first step is popping moderately hard with your back foot and scooping (kicking forward) the board to allow it to rotate 180 degrees. This back foot flip is the most important part and WILL take a while to master. The front foot must be timed to flip the board as it spins and rotates at the same time. In order to complete the flip all components must be timed to perfection and performed correctly.

Now that you have mastered the flip and foot positioning, it is time to go the whole way and land the trick. An IMPORTANT part of landing this trick is turning your shoulders 90 degrees before attempting it, this allows your body to complete the trick easier, as you are already turned halfway around. For some people coordinating the flip and landing the trick is very difficult. To land the frontside flip you must work with what is easisest, landing with the front foot. Sicne your front foot is already spinning in a partial circluer direction it is already moee than half way to landing on the board. As you flip the board you should hover over it with your body and landing centered over the board with your front foot on the tail (or bolts) first. After that the back foot which must travel a further ditance will follow your body shortly after it. If done correctly you should have successfully landed the frontside flip.

Troubleshooting – Common Problems

1. I can only spin the baord 90 degrees:

To fix this VERY common problem you should try to either kick out (scoop) harder with your back foot to force the 180 degree rotation. Or you can try moving your back foot back further onto the ball of your foot to insure the 180 degree rotation.

2. The board always lands upside down

To correst this problem you shiuld try moving your front foot (flipping foot) further down, so less of your foot is one the board. This can help to get a quicker more effecient flip to copmplete the trick.

Watch this video for a visual guide as well:…971987,00.html

Good Luck!

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