Frontside 180 Heelflip

Tricks To Know: Heelflips and Frontside 180s are need to do this trick.

Stance: You need to experiment with your stance for this trick, but having your back foot in your frontside 180 stance and having your front foot in a heelflip stance works for most people it seems.

Back Foot and Help: I noticed it is easier for me to put my back foot a tad bit lower on the deck then I would for frontside 180s because it feel like it helps get the rotation better without messing up the flip. Also, if you can see my back foot in the picture don’t put it as high is that.

Front Foot and Help: Putting your front foot high up the board will give you more board control but the board will also flick slower. And another thing, don’t try and put it to low on it either because it might make it harder to keep control of the trick. Definitely try to do this trick with your toes hanging off. But you really need to expirement for this trick.[/U]

Motion: Once you have your stance, start of by rolling at a comfortable speed, wind up your shoulders. Get in your stance and pop hard, scoop forward with your back foot and start spinning, and the same time start sliding your front foot up the board and by the time you and the board have spun 90 degrees you have have flicked off the nose. Carefully watch it flip and spin, make sure you have control and once the board gets around catch it if possible and land on the bolts. Be sure to know what not to do to mess you up.

Common Problems:

Landing on the nose/back foot is landing on the nose: Lean back before you pop, or when you’re spinning scoop your back foot forward.

Landing away from the board: Basically just lean in the direction the board is going before you pop. But that is only if you’re centered over the board and it’s still happening. So really, just remember to stay centered.

Under rotation of the heelflip: Put your front foot farther away from the front bolts or put more of your toes off the board.

Under rotation of the frontside 180: Remember to wind up you’re shoulders, if you’re already doing this then just focus on getting it all the way around without letting down the focus of the heelflip.

Board landing in back of you: Like I said in the Landing away from the board section, remember to stay center over your board. This is pretty much always cause by leaning forward, towards your toes.