Frontside 180 Finger flip mini pipe

Start by rolling forward in position for a finger flip (both feet far back towards the tail with your hand on the nose.) jump up with both feet. I find this trick easier to do if you keep my knees close together at lift off and during the jump. This helps keep your legs synchronized, and you get a good jump that way. I also like to be facing almost forward as I take off, rather than sideways. even as I take off, I use my front hand (which will flip the board) to begin moving the board slightly sideways. now , lift the nose and begin to flip the board. I don't move the board completely sideways. Rather, the board goes sideways AND up over the top, sort of like a hard flip. use your hand to flip the board and throw it into the 180. release the board at this point. the board is 3/4 through the flip. remember to keep your body completely over the board, so it is flipping underneath you. now the board has flipped and done a 180, and I catch it with my feet. As usual, in gravity does the rest, and I come down to a nice landing and roll away. Good Luck!
By: enternamehere34