Fakie to Switch Frontside Cooked

You have to know how to B/S Crooked Grind and how to fakie to tail stall really well. Come up to your target at a bit less than 45 Degree angle. When you get close enough that you think that you can fakie and land on your target pop down in the air twist your board a little so when you land you are 45 with the target. When you land try to keep the board up so it doesn't fall. I find it is a really easy grind but you should start on a low target first. Its easy to keep your balance so when its time to get out you can have enough balance to do some cool trick out. The easiest is to twist a 180. But you can Heelflip, Kickflip or whatever you like. This trick took me 10 minutes to learn so I don't think its that hard. Just learn how to fakie to tail stall or fakie to k-stall first and this should be a piece of cake!

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E