Fakie to Switch 5-0 grind

You should know how to F/S Nose grind and Fakie to 50-50 grind before you try this.

Come up to your target at a little bit of an angle and setup much like a Fakie to 50-50. Pop down and drag and jump onto the target. When you are dragging continue until your back foot (Usually is your front foot) is at the back (Usually the nose) of your board. Then just shift the weight to your back foot (Usually is your font foot) and grind across your target on a switch 5-0. Then just put your weight back over top of the whole board and not just the back and ride out evenly. It is usually easier to land on your Switch 5-0 if you kind of twist a bit onto your target and land on a Salad grind and quickly straighten out to a 5-0.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E