Casper Slide

1. speed up if you want to slide, however, you should learn this trick moving slow or still, then move up to the slide.
2. set up like you were going to kickflip.
3. pop, and flip it
4. now here's the trick, catch it just as it completes the half flip, front foot under the board, back foot on the tail. YOUR FRONT FOOT CANNOT TOUCH THE GROUND. hold the board up with your front foot. This part takes a LOT of practice to master.
5. if you have enough speed, balance a slide.
6. half flip out and land. (some people prefer to half flip shove-it out) note: it can be done as a stall on an embankment as well. I LOVE this trick, because it is open to so many variations! Casper body varial, one & 1/2 flip Casper, Casper 360 flip… Plus it looks mighty impressive when it is slid out perfectly!

Good Luck!
By: Bam439