Caballero Mini Pipe

Here's how to do a cabballero (without leaving the ramp) on a mini ramp, and how to add a grind in.

First make sure you can pump good on the ramp and do frontside kickturns. I'll explain this for people who are regular footed goofy footers do everything the other way around k? always remember when doing these your front truck is in back and your back truck in front. This is a good intermediate trick to build off of on mini ramps.

Drop in.
Step one: go up one end and do not turn so you come back fakie. step two: AS your going up the transition turn and lead with your right hand really fast. do this when you are about at the peak on the ramp and you are not going higher anymore. step three: spin 360 degrees and roll away regular.

To add a fakie 5-0 in the middle:
Right when you begin to turn, turn onto the coping. you should be doing a a grind going backwards on what is normaly your back truck. then quickly finish the 360 by doing a 180 off. it is actually almost the same as doing a normal cabballero except you go faster and higher so you grind on the coping halfway through.

To do a fifty fifty (this is a lot harder) in the middle.

Start like your going to do it with the fakie five oh. Step 1: This is hard, as your coming up don't do a full 180 into a five oh but get your back truck on (because your going backwards your back truck is in front remember!) then try to put the front truck on. lock it in grind. step 2: this is hard continue the 360 by 180 off. you could also just 180 in the direction you just came from but then it will be a half cab fifty fifty. roll away looking cool. Good Luck!
By: dupontka