BS Popshuvit reverts.

Hmmm… BS popshuvit reverts…..or just shuvit reverts for short.

Once you've been skating for a while, maybe a year or two,  you should naturally start to develop more style, and ability to revert and pivot tricks. For shuvit reverts, you should know 180's with pivots, popshuvits, and bigspins would be helpful also.

First off, what is a shuvit revert? Well, the most basic is:

Riding regular, you pop a popshuvit, catch it halfway or more through the spin, and pivot into switch stance with your front foot.  Unfortunately, I don't have a camera to show you some footy, so it would be wise to search "shuvit revert" on a video site before attempting them.

Ok, to learn BS shuvit reverts:

1. Do a popshuvit, NOW watch the board carefully, as it comes to a 90 degree angle with your body, halfway through the shuvit, the TAIL WILL BE FACING YOU.

2.You want to turn your body slightly frontside (your body will turn towards the way you're riding, so that you're still looking forward)

3.Catch the TAIL with your FRONT FOOT. A splitsecond later, you will put your back foot on the bolts of the nose, pivoting as you do so. As you hit the ground, you might scrape the tail, so you need lots of balance, and quick execution.

4. Once the tail end wheels hit, pivot over back into switch.

5. Make sure you are still going parallel with the direction you started, and ride off carefully, you'll be going switch.

REMEMBER: You're body will always be facing forward while turning. Even though it's a "backside shuvit revert", you're still turning/pivoting fs.

Now, I know they're called shuvit REVERTS, but unless you have insane pop, enough to catch and turn completely switch in mid air, you need to pivot them on flatground.

Go out, have some fun, watch your ankle, it's a tricky trick ya hear.