1-Reg boneless

What it is-the boneless is a trick where u grab the board like an Indy and take your front foot off the back side and jump off with that foot and go into the air and then land with booth feet over the bolts.

how to do it- Start out going really slow with both feet over the trucks. Maybe have the back on a little farther up. Crouch down and grab the board like and Indy. But grab it under the wheels and more or less farther up the board than u usually would for an Indy. then take your front foot off and very quickly it should hit the ground and u should jump off that. when u are at your peak in the are put your front foot back on. Now this is why u should have grabbed it farther up. When u are coming down most of your weight will have been on your back foot and if u grabbed farther back it would have not made the board level in the air and u would have landed in a tail stop. Now ride away cool cause u just busted a sic old school move!!!

tips- Try grabbing it like and Indy and with your front hand a nose grab and u will be very level in the air! Also try doing front side 180 boneless' also cause there just as easy and for some easier. Make sure not to stop when u put your foot down either!

Good Luck!
By: nofruitboot

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