Blunt Rocks and variations, miniramp.

Blunt stalls….ah, I'd consider this the trick that takes a beginner miniramp skater to the intermediate level.

First off, if you're not comfortable doing rock fakies, and dropping in switch, then don't bother with this trick. You'll get a hipper or break a rib.
Once you are very comfortable with rock fakies, (full extension over the coping, back wheels touching the coping) you should start trying blunt variations.

~To begin, you want to pick a nice, smaller sized ramp, with a mellow transition. I learned on a 3 foot miniramp, with about a 60 degree transition.

-Ride up with moderate speed, a bit more than you would for a rock…
-As you ride up, pop the tail enough to clear the front wheels over the coping, and push the back wheel up and over.
-The hardest part is balancing the blunt, you want to learn with the board not vertical at first. Just practice until you're comfortable getting the back wheels on the coping. After time, you'll get better at bringing the board more vertical.
-Quickly once you get in the blunt, lean forward slightly, and pop a little ollie. Lean forward while popping, and you'll come into a rock, well over the coping. Just come back in as you would any other rock….Congrats, you've just done a blunt rock. With time, you'll want to try different variations, blunt rock pivots, blunt
fakies with the grab, blunt fakies without the grab, blunt feebles, blunt 5-0s….

Once you get blunt rocks on that little kiddie bowl, take it to the 5 and 6 foot bowls and so on. Just be more careful, as you will actually be in a vertical blunt stall.

….Go skate.