Bert slides are a fun little trick to do when you got the time or just feel like chilling. Coming up from the old days of skateboarding, many believe that this move was created on skateboards to imitate the motion of carving a nice wave. They are simple and yet if done properly can look very professional or make a simple opening or ender.


Ok heres how to pull it off.


  1. You can Bert slide anywhere but generally slopes might tend to be a bit more difficult. Simply start riding at a speed you feel comfortable with.
  2. Ok regardless of you pulling f/s or b/s Bert slides heres where setting up comes into place. Put your front foot over your front bolts and your back foot on the tail.
  3. First up B/S Bert slides. Bend your knees and let your hands touch the ground in front of you. Plant your hands hard on there and spin your hips around like you were spinning a little 180 on your board. Use your hands to push yourself around. Move the leg that was on the tail and spin it around so that your left (right if your goofy) leg is at the back. This is one of the easier Bert slides and doesn’t look as good as f/s but can be used for turning and such.
  4. The f/s Bert slide is the harder of the two slides but looks a lot more professional. Same as b/s, bend your knees and plant the ground but this time your going to put your hands down behind you instead of in front. Spin your body around in the same motion as b/s Bert slides and prop yourself back up. This Bert slide is definitely the better looking of the two.


A little practice exercise you can do to better your Bert slides is to plant the ground behind or in front of you and just push the board as if you were power sliding. Its only 90 degrees but it will get you used to the movement and control of Bert slides.

Click here to watch video

A basic idea of what it should look like.