Benihana Grab

This is a great trick and it looks like this: you jump and leave your back foot hanging off and grab the board in a tail grab and then put your back foot back on. 1 (street version) like in fast plant you Ollie and then immediately put off your back foot 2 the tail will come up to you and you will grab it (or get hit where the sun don't shine) 3 then push down the tail with your hand and get you're back foot up, attempting to put it back on the board (this is the hardest part) 4 try and land it ***note***:you should be able to Ollie high and your back foot isn't allowed to touch the ground 1 (ramp version) Ollie at the lip and go high, grab the tail with your back hand 2 get your foot off and now grab the tail with you're front hand too 3 hold a second and again push the tail down 4 now release the tail with your front hand and put your foot on, and then get your back hand to release it (not earlier) 5 land! Good Luck!
By: lets_go_crazy