Backside Nose Slide

You need to be able to F/S 180 to do this trick.

Come up to your target at a slight angle and be about a boards length away. If the target is low the your can turn sharply and put all your weight on the nose and if the target is waxed then it should slide. Just remember to put all your weight on the nose when the nose hits the target. When you come up to it have your front foot on the nose and back on the tail. If your target is high and you have to ollie then you have to be pretty good at skating before you learn this. Come at a little angle and ollie. Once your over top of your target twist a 90. Land on the target and put all your weight on your nose. Slide the you can shove-it out or twist. Just twist to 90 which way you want depending if you want to get out switch or regular. To shove out kick your nose back like a switch B/S shove and then twist a 90 your self and catch it and land.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

[vid=bs-noseslide]- Josh[/vid] 

[vid=bs-noseslide-twinskate]- twinskate[/vid]